Diane Flynn

My name is Diane Flynn and I am from St Augustine’s. I am Vice Chair of the Parish Council and a member of the Pastoral Team.

I have attended St Augustine’s all my life. My Grandmother was in the parish before the church was built and Mass was heard in a tin hut behind the site that the church now stands on. My mother also grew up in the parish and was very involved in parish life.

I attended St Augustine’s school which at that time was in what is now the car park for the church. I was Baptised, made my first Holy Communion and was Confirmed in the church. Later I was married there. We had four children who were brought up in the parish and one of them now works in the School.

I am a Eucharistic Minister, which has been an important part of life, especially taking Communion to people who are unable to get to church. Many of them are people that I have known for many years.
I retired from work as a Human Resources Manager 13 years ago having worked at Mapperley Hospital, City Hospital and finally at Queen’s Medical Centre.

Being part of the parish community and involvement in many aspects of parish life has been and enormous part of my life and I am now looking forward to working with new parish of the Holy Family.