First Reconciliation and Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is the first time that a child receives the Body and Blood of Jesus during Mass. Sometimes called Holy Communion or Eucharist, it is the bread and wine that has been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit into the Body and Blood of Jesus, as he promised at the Last Supper with his disciples.

Reconciliation is when we experience the forgiveness of God in a sacramental way; we admit our need for God’s help and strength to be a good person and are assured of both God’s forgiveness and that of the community.

To help you and your child prepare for these important moments in their faith and life, we have parish preparation programmes. Catechists (adults trained in teaching about the faith) will lead you and your child through the important parts of the Sacraments and what each means. They will try and help your child understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. For each preparation meeting, the child must be accompanied by a parent; this helps the parents play their part in helping their child grow in faith.

Children usually prepare for and celebrate these Sacraments when they are in Year 3 or above in school. Children and parents are invited to apply to join the preparation by completing a form and returning it to their parish. These forms usually are available around October/November

We usually celebrate First Reconciliation during Lent and then First Holy Communion in June/July.

If you are not already bringing your child on a regular and frequent basis to Mass at the weekend, please consider carefully if you are fulfilling the promise you made at their baptism to ‘bring them up in the practice of the faith’. Unless you are doing this already, it is best to wait for a year until your child has become accustomed to coming to weekend Mass. You and your child should already have formed a ‘habit’ of coming to Mass on this frequent and regular basis (the minimum expectation is at least 2 – 3 times a month)

The form for enrolment on the preparation programme for 2021 can be downloaded below. This must be returned to the parish, not school, and the deadline for returning the form is the 20th December

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