Fr Marcus

Once upon a time Fr Marcus was a lawyer working for the City Council. Then he was ordained as an Anglican priest and ministered at St John’s Carrington, Worksop Priory and parishes in Sheffield. He particularly enjoyed being the Chaplain to Sheffield theatres as theatre is one of his life-long interests. In 2000 he resigned as Vicar of St Matthew’s, Sheffield and was received into the Catholic Church with his wife, Pauline. Her Catholic convent education must have stayed with her.

Re-ordination in the Catholic Church was not something In Marcus’s mind, but eventually the Lord (and the bishop!) seemed to have other ideas. In addition to all the necessary requirements, the Vatican had to approve as Marcus is married and they have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. When approval came through in July 2011, Bishop Malcolm must have checked the birth certificate because he remarked that there was no point in delaying! And so Marcus was ordained to the priesthood in the Cathedral the following October.

He was appointed Assistant Priest at the Cathedral and St Augustine’s Church, where he has ministered ever since, spending a lot of time at St Augustine’s and at St Augustine’s School. He has also offered Mass regularly at Trinity School where he was a governor for some 15 years, and he’s chaplain to Nottingham Catenians.

Fr Marcus was hearing confessions in the Cathedral on St Patrick’s Day this year when he was unceremoniously ejected by the Vicar General, one Fr Joe Wheat, and was told to go home immediately because of coronavirus, as he was old and vulnerable. He still is! But since the first lockdown ended, a wonderful fulfilment of his ministry is to serve in the pastoral team of the new CCEN.

He and Pauline are looking forward to the future, fortified in our faith that, whatever happens, the Risen Lord is with us.