Lee Summers

My name is Lee Summers. I’ve been married to Carolyn for 32 years, we have 2 grown up children, a Daughter and a Son. Our daughter and her husband have blessed us with 3 beautiful princesses who have already wrapped Mamma and Grandad around their little fingers. 

I was born and raised (and still live) in Eastwood/Nottingham to Catholic parents and have 1 brother. Both of us benefited from a great Catholic education in our local primary and secondary schools in Eastwood and Ilkeston. 

I’ve had a wide and varied work life, from working in menswear shops, to a bakery, to providing mental health support and then in I.T security. 

I’ve always been actively involved in Parish life at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Eastwood, on and off the sanctuary, and now serve our newly formed parish of Our Lady and the Beauvale martyrs, which serves Eastwood, Ilkeston and Stapleford. 

I’m a foundation governor for 2 primary schools in Eastwood and Ilkeston and currently have the honour of studying for the permanent diaconate. I am 2 years into my 5 years formation at St Mary’s College, Oscott. It’s challenging but equally rewarding.

In my free time I love reading (lifelong fan of Agatha Christie), listening to music (very eclectic taste, from The Jam to George Michael). Going to concerts, (most recently, Keane, Elbow, 10cc and Rick Astley), going to the cinema (anything with mindless action or a few scares), restaurants (usually Italian) and the local micro pubs for a Cider or 2 with family. I’m a lifelong Forest supporter (not sure that’s enjoyment, more like penance at times !) So basically my hobbies are anything that involves sitting down ! 

I’m passionate about Adult Formation. It isn’t just for adults being received into the church, or for parents wanting their children to be received into the church, we are all in constant formation, it’s what keeps our faith alive and thriving. So when the opportunity to become Adult Formation Coordinator at the Parish of the Holy Family came along, I was delighted to get the chance to join you all.  My contact details are in our newsletter and here on our website. I look forward to getting to know you all. Please reach out anytime. 

My contact details are in our newsletter and here on our website!