Getting married?

Congratulations! The Church community shares your joy and is here to help.

To get married in the Catholic Church

  • One or both of the couple need to be a baptised Catholic
  • The Catholic must be resident in the parish or it be their regular place of worship.
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • Both must be free to marry (if either has been married before, you must speak to the priest at the earliest opportunity).
  • Arrangements must be made at least 6 months in advance but no more than 18 months in advance.

Step one; Speak to one of the priests.  This is best done after Mass at the weekend or by making an appointment;

Step Two; Meet with a priest to discuss …..

  • The date. Do not make any other arrangements until you have ensured that the church and priest is available.
  • Marriage preparation. In addition to necessary paperwork, the Catholic Church requires that both parties attend marriage preparation.

As well as several meetings with the priest or deacon assigned to help you prepare, we have a marriage preparation course across all three of our parishes. This usually takes place over 4 evenings in Jan – March and is led by a team of people. To find out more about this, speak to the priest or deacon or contact Pauline Baptist on

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