St Augustine’s School OFSTED report

Back at the end of January, St Augustine’s school had a two-day visit from a lovely team of OFSTED inspectors. You can read the full report on our parish website, but some highlights are; The school’s values of service, love, forgiveness, courage, justice, compassion and hope sing our from the school walls…..St Augustine’s is a calm, welcoming school ……. Staff use consistent routines to reinforce their high expectations ….. the school has an ambitious curriculum. Congratulations to Mrs Moore, all staff, Governors and pupils for such a glowing report. The Diocesan Director of Education, Peter Giorgio wrote a lovely letter of congratulations to the school, in which he said; we know that the faith life of St Augustine’s school underpins all aspects of school life; how lovely that these have been drawn out and celebrated by Ofsted in the inspection report.

You can read the full report here

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