Synod 2021/22

Pope Francis has called everyone in the Church to embark on a journey of listening to the Spirit and to one another, to discern how God is calling us to be as disciples of Jesus and the Church.

This is about communion; our belonging together as the Body of Christ, participation; how we play an active role in the life of the Church and the community and mission; how we share the Good News of Jesus Christ, living among us.

Bishop Patrick has written a pastoral letter for the 17th October to launch this in our diocese.

We have a plan for how we will gather together and listen to each other in our own parishes. There are 6 questions Pope Francis has asked us to look at and we will split them into three groups of two.

see this plan and come along when you can;

Our first round of questions from Pope Francis will come to us next week. There will be three opportunities to come together and hear more about the Synod and think about our responses to the questions. Refreshments will be served at each meeting. Come along and make your voice heard!

Wed 3rd Nov. OLSE after the 9am Mass in the café

Thurs 4th St Aug’s after the 10am Mass in the hall

Thurs 4th S. Heart, 7 – 8pm in the Community Centre.

The questions will also be available on leaflets at the back of church if you can’t attend the meetings. Send in your responses and we will display them in our churches.

Read about the Synod logo here

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