Synod; what did we say?

Pope Francis has called everyone in the Church to embark on a journey of listening to the Spirit and to one another, to discern how God is calling us to be as disciples of Jesus and the Church.

This is about communion; our belonging together as the Body of Christ, participation; how we play an active role in the life of the Church and the community and mission; how we share the Good News of Jesus Christ, living among us.

A few weeks ago, we were asked to look at 6 questions posed by Pope Francis for the world-wide Synod. This is a listening exercise for the whole church and is part of Pope Francis’ desire for our church to be more outward focussed and engaged with the world around us.

The responses coming from our parish are below in full and summary form.

The nest stage in our Synod journey is for the Pastoral Team and the Parish Council to consider all the responses and identify some short and long-term actions we can take to move towards the vision that is emerging from our responses.

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